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PostSubject: Agent Postcards   Agent Postcards Icon_minitimeFri Oct 10, 2008 11:20 am

If you look at your Penguin Mail, You will notice that you have received a postcard from CP, Here is a picture of it

Agent Postcards New_po11

It says "You are being called in for a special assignment please report to hq as soon as possible -g"

its about the mission 9, Here is the tutorial of it:

1. Talk to G, Then after you chat with him, Get the 3 tracking devices, The yellow duck, the blueprints and then put it on your inventory in your inventory

2. Then go to the ski lodge, Talk to the two penguins playing Find Four, Then find the find four pieces, One on the Window Seal, One on the stool under the phone, And one on the ladder to go up to the Lodge Attic.

3. Go to the Lodge Attic/ Go up the ladder, There are more find four pieces are remaining, Find them, One near the bricks, One near the typewriter, One on the table beside the phonograph, One on the box, And one box between the two sofa, Get the string below the rug.

4. Go back to the Ski Lodge, Give the find four pieces to those penguins.

5. Go to the forest, Get the sticks, Combine the stick to the blueprint, Then combine it with the string to make a kite.

6. Go to the mountain and combine a transmitter and the kite and put it on the Poll.

7. Go to the plaza and talk to the penguins, After the puffle blows a bubble, Click the gum between the penguins, Put the gum in the duck and put it in your inventory.

8. Go to the dock and help the penguin by click, hold and pull the brown start handle. Then borrow the Penguin’s Air Pump.

9. Pump up the duck with the Air Pump.

10. Go to the iceberg, Combine a transmitter to the inflated duck, Put it in the water.

11. Go to the mine shack, Talk to the orange penguin A.K.A Rory, Ask for some offers to help him.

12. Go behind the Mine House, Move the woods to the right ( —> ) By dragging them and making the gray beams left side lower than the right side.

13. Rory will ask you one more job asking to stand the cart to stand and weild all of its damages.

14. Hold the cart up then it will kinda stand, After that happens, Click the cart.

15. Now weld all the cracks of the cart.

16. Put the last transmitter in the cart and click it and it will move inside.

17. Answer the call on your spy phone, Talk to G at the HQ, Take the binoculars on the table which G is on.

18. Go to the Ski Lodge and go ahead to the Gone Fishing Door or the place where you play Ice Fishing.

19. Go to the right ( —> ) , Look at the binoculars on the other side of the ice.

20. Go to Herbert’s Camp then get your spy phone and fuse or combine it with the binoculars.

21. Go to the HQ and then talk to G then watch Herbert and Klutsy.

22. Collect your medal and receive your cholates as your reward.

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Agent Postcards
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